14 November 2005

Gerbil Enthusiast Chills with Other Sex Offenders

Richard Gere has a new movie about to begin shooting, called The Flock, wherein he plays a fed tracking a girl believed to be kidnapped by some chester. To research his role, Gere has been hanging around the sheriff's deputies in New Mexico, as well as several real, live, registered sex offenders.

We don't really understand why Rich had to go all the way to New Mexico just to talk to some sex offenders, when 3 out of 4 guys you pass on the street in regular Mexico are perfectly good sex offenders. Further, they'd probably be more than happy to talk to a famous guy like Richard Gere about it. Hell, he didn't even need to leave L.A. A quick stop-over in Echo Park would have provided ample research subjects. We can only posit that Mr. Gere first researched the best places to get research on sex offenders, and discovered that New Mexico is to sex offenders what Idaho is to potatoes, or what New Jersey is to AIDS. And that, friends, is why Richard Gere is a professional.


Anonymous said...

Eminem just wrote a song about Richard Gere. I can't wait to hear what he rymes w/ hamster f#cker. check out socalites lifes for more info.

G. Lewis

LTNA said...

"Reliable trucker."