17 November 2005

Ferrell to Star in Flick That Probably Won't Suck

Will Ferrell. Amy Poehler. Will Arnett. Jon Heder (you know, Napoleon Dynamite). And, a competitive ice skating movie. The first and last elements of that list are enough on their own to get us totally stoked, so words cannot express our anticipation of seeing our two favorite Wills in this project together. Well, no words other than "giggady giggady goo!" The working title is Blades of Glory. Yeah, we love it too.

Between Talladega Nights and this, it really looks like Ferrell is working hard to do his penance for Bewitched. Naturally, Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films is producing, which will mean the obligatory cameos. It's so rare that we get to read something on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter that doesn't make us want to punch a kitten, we're going to sit back and enjoy this, relishing in the temporarily subsided thoughts of suicide.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, motha f'n yes. Pure genius, I hope they do the premis justice with such a great cast. Just thinking of Will toss Jon around an ice skating rink is an image that is definitely worth $10.50 for a box office ticket. Thanks LTNA, I will hold off my thoughts of suicide at least until the DVD comes out.

-G. Lewis

writebrother said...

I think this has got the potential to suck. It'll probably be decent in an Anchorman type of way, but not great.