02 November 2005

Christian Slater a Drunk Asshole for Halloween

It seems that Christian Slater was "that guy" at Paris Hilton's Halloween party in WeHo this weekend. He got totally shit-faced, as he often does, and fell off the roof into a pile of bushes. The only thing hurt was his ego, in case any of you were worried.

Unfortunately, the real story is much less funny than the original one put out by Page Six, which said police were there responding to a noise complaint, and tasered him after he refused to get off the roof. No, what really happened was Slater (Christian, not A.C.) fell off the roof when he was peering over to investigate some neighbors below who were complaining about the party noise. What a douche, eh?

We won't bother with one of our scathing and defamatory diatribes here, because, at this point, making fun of Christian Slater is like making fun of a sloshed, coked-up, retarded ferret that was pretty famous in the 80s, but only gets work doing voiceovers for Panasonic commercials now. No, that would be like kicking the ferret when he's down, and we're just better than that.

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