01 November 2005

If You Don't Like It, You Can Go Fuck Yourself

You know how sometimes, when you're watching the news, they'll do some somber report about a train crash in India and how a bunch of people died, and then follow it completely inappropriately with a story about a new phone from Motorola. And then, you're all, "Wait, what the fuck? This isn't news. It's a fucking commercial." Well, this post is a lot like that, except if you're going to blogs to get news-- more importantly, you're going to blogs like this to get your news, then you have bigger issues than the juxtaposition of unabashed marketing and supposedly reputable current events. Read a paper, for chrissakes. And if you don't like it, see the title of this post.

So, when we were perusing the "news" this morning, and saw a rather lengthy plug article for The Boondocks, we knew we would be linking to it without delay. If you're completely daft and out of the loop, The Boondocks is a freakin' sweet newspaper comic strip (once again, more reasons to read a fucking paper!) by Aaron McGruder. It's already been chronicled in a few anthologies, but we've been anticipating the upcoming animated series of the strip, set to begin airing on [adult swim] this Sunday, for ages. We get crazy every time we pass the billboard of Huey on Santa Monica and Highland. And, if we have to explain what [adult swim] is to you... well, we're just not going to even dignify that. Instead, we'll direct you once more to the title of this post.

Look, the point is that we're too dumb and too busy to give The Boondocks it's due justice, but we wanted to mention the show/ comic strip anyway, without resorting to a Things with More Appeal installment. Somehow we feel putting Boondocks in the same category as The Monster Squad is unfair. To The Monster Squad, we mean-- KIDDING!

But um, for serious, that's pretty much it. We'll return shortly with our typical musings on topics like Paris Hilton's ass goiter.

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Teresa said...

I can't wait for that shit either. I read the Boondocks everyday on my.yahoo page. So if you don't have a newspaper handy, just use the iComics page in Yahoo.
The Boondocks is the bomb but so is The Monster Squad.