09 November 2005

Yeah, but We Still Think the Razr Is Way Overrated

Motorola's perseverance in trying to get us all to ignore the fact that they make shite phones is actually somewhat admirable. It's admirable in the same way it's admirable when your boyfriend finishes in less than a minute, shrugs and smiles apologetically, takes a couple of minutes to regroup, then rolls over and gives you an even less satisfying second round-- sure, he's not trying very hard (no pun intended), but he wants to create the illusion that he is. And that's love, dearies. On that note, here we are with another somewhat flaccid release from our friends over at Motorola.

We've exhausted any discussion of how much the Rokr ultimately sucked, and nobody cares any more. (Besides, Nokia totally gave Motorola a Tony Danza a few weeks later, by releasing a far superior music phone.) But, wait! Motorola has created an iTunes version of the Razr, called the Razr V3i. Still don't care? Well, you can get it in pink! Or, if you're pretending to be a straight male when you're at work, they have it in blue, as well. Hm. Still nothing? Well then you'd better just go jerk off in the bathroom, cuz we're done. We're goin' to bed.

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