30 November 2005

Gays in UK Free to Marry, Wear Cosby Sweaters

Now that the UK will legalize same sex partnerships with the Civil Partnership Act 2004 beginning next month, George Michael will join Elton John and the thongs throngs of homosexuals who will get hitched. Georgie will wed his partner of 10 years, Kenny Chesney Goss. Says GM, "I'm sure Kenny and I will be doing the old legal thing but we won't be doing the whole veil and gown thing." It's a good thing too, because the wedding will be gay enough without men wearing dresses.

Okay, it was a cheap shot. It's been years, but we're still recovering from the trauma of first learning that George Michael is gay, since we'd been planning to marry him since his days in WHAM! Sure, it seems blatantly obvious that Michael is a homo when we watch him rocking out by the jukebox in the video for "Faith" now, but we were 4 years old when that video came out (no pun intended, as it's an extremely lame one even for our standards). We couldn't have been expected to understand that "gay" meant anything more than "extremely happy about these painted-on jeans, leather-daddy jacket and dangling cross earring."

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