09 November 2005

Are We Meant to Think The Weather Channel Is Cool, Now?

Lewis Black, perhaps known best for his weekly "Back in Black" segment on The Daily Show, is set to up his weekly quota of television appearances from two minutes to twelve. On, um, The Weather Channel. The article we're linking to is trying to paint this as a logical next step for Black; however, the article's writer also describes Lewis' career as "tornadic," so in the interest of sparing you more lame puns and worse writing than what you'd see here at LTNA (what, with the run-on sentences and overuse of parentheticals), we advise that you don't even bother clicking through.

The point is, Lewis Black'll be getting jiggy (why did we go with that reference?) on The Weather Channel's five day forecasts and storm warnings n' such. He's already taped six or so segments, including one tirade on global warming, set to air on Evening Edition with Dave Schwartz. We predict hijinks Monday through Friday with a 50% chance of hilarity!

Oh, come on. You know us far too well by now to have thought we'd let you go without at least one obnoxious weather joke, despite talking shit about the "professional writer" a minute ago. At least when we do it, it's cute!

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