07 November 2005

Tom Cruise Does First Non-Crazy Thing Since '04

In a shocking moment of apparent sanity, Tom Cruise has fired his publisister Lee Anne DeVette, and has hired, well, an actual publicist. Paul Bloch, co-chairman of Rogers and Cowan is a "veteran" PR guy now saddled with the formidable task of making us forget that Tom Cruise is completely batshit-- something Pat Kingsley did extremely well for years, only to have Lee Anne muck it up with unfortunate efficiency.

Of course, Tom's statement is all about spinning this not as a "firing," but as giving Lee Anne more time to focus on overseeing his charity work, handing out refurbished e-meters to the poor, the disenfranchised and all that sort of thing. Yes, we're sure everything is totally hunky dory over at Compound Cruise, and with the help of Mr. Bloch, he'll be back in our good graces before you can say "heterosexual." Let's just hope that Paul isn't cast under Tom's spell like "Kate," only to throw all common sense to the wind (Tom is an amazing, amazing man, after all), and make the career-ruining decision to let Cruise, you know, "just be himself."

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