16 November 2005

The Day Blogs Died

Though we very seldom visit Perez Hilton for reasons we won't get into, today's been slow enough to warrant a quick pop-in. And, the pop-in proved to be surpisingly fruitful. Nick Denton, king of the Gawker Media illuminati, struck a deal with Yahoo, wherein he'll make-- you guessed it-- even more money:

"Yahoo! Inc. is set to announce Wednesday the addition of gossip and news Web content from five of Gawker Media's most popular Web sites to its evolving portfolio of news and entertainment material. Five to seven stories per day will be posted in their entirety from each blog and added to Yahoo! News' editorial roster."

Nicky, baby, you've come a long way from being the subject of ridicule on trucker's hats. We would congratulate you, if we weren't convinced that there's some truth to the Defamer's playful jokes about you being the devil.

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