23 November 2005

Well, at Least We Don't Have to Go to Work

The holiday season is upon us in earnest, friends. It's that time of year dedicated to consumerism, gluttony and sloth, so we wish you all a not entirely unpleasant Thanksgiving. After all, that's what Christmas is for. So, when you find your cranberry sauce growing salty with your tears because "you've ruined Thanksgiving again!" keep your chin up. After all, you have to do it all over again in a few weeks.

LTNA will be back Monday with the poorly written posts you've learned to tolerate like your alcoholic father. We warn you in advance that we already have tunnel vision straight through to Kwanzaa (not really), so you can expect this blog to suck even more than usual through the end of 2005 (yes, really). So in the spirit of the holidays, fuck you, Mom! happy Thanksgiving!


Gary Freedman said...

Thanksgiving! I'll be eating my turkey hot dogs alone in my room. I'm an asexual celibate with no family or friends. Just another day. But the turkey hot dogs make all the difference!

LTNA said...

Somehow, that's still less depressing than my typical holiday.