17 November 2005

Google One Step Closer to Enslaving Man

While the San Francisco boys sat around with their thumbs up their asses, um, so to speak, Mountain View jumped on Google's offer to use them as the testing ground for free city-wide WiFi service. It's a five year plan wherein Google has permission to use the poles from street lights as the access points for wireless infrastructure.

Now comes the little snag of figuring out where the money comes from, since the whole reason people were resistant to this idea was it's a teeny bit nebulous as to how anyone stands to profit from providing a free service. Clearly, Google has figured out how they stand to profit, since it is their idea; but, we're not sure how they were planning to pay for this whole experiment without putting up their own money. We're sure Google's not worried, though. They've more than proven themselves to be the hang low saxons on the IT track.

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