26 September 2005

Inaction/ Poverty Rewarded, Sort of

If you're poor like us, you could only drool mournfully over the recent release of the iPod Nano, because as always, cool shit is expensive. Granted, we probably could almost afford one of these toys, coming in with a relatively reasonable MSRP of $250. But then we'd have to compromise our robust alcohol budget for at least two weeks, and that would really cramp our style. It's a lot more fun to literally drink away your money problems than actually confront the fact that booze is the actual "problem." What were we talking about? Red Stripe? Oh right, the Nano bullshit.

The afore alluded to "Nano bullshit" is simply that the Nano is, in fact, kind of bullshit. We were waiting for news of some major bug or design flaw, as it's always sort of inevitable with the first generation of any sophisticated electronic, and the Nano is no exception. There is an overwhelming amount of internet message board grumbling that the Nano's screen is the proverbial Achilles heel on the device, and it scratches, cracks and/or shuts off very easily-- and often inexplicably. This comes as good news to those of us who were going to get one "in just two more paychecks," because unlike our wealthier peers, we don't now have an expensive paperweight on our hands. Score one for the underpaid! Let's celebrate our triumph in serfdom with a few rounds of drinks. We're buying!

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