11 August 2005

8 Year Olds, Dude

LTNA was recently alerted to an informative and horrifying website, which allows you to find out exactly how many registered sex offenders are living in your area. Go ahead. We dare you. Feel free to post your results along with your 'hood in the comments section. Whoever has the most wins! Or loses. We haven't decided yet.

Our zip code has 39 offenders registered. We thought this was bad, until we did a search for our old neighborhood, before we moved-on-up to the slightly more west side, two weeks ago. Our old stomping ground has 51 deviants prowling the streets, so we suppose having "just" 39 is an upgrade. Finally, we understand why that guy with the mustache and all the scabs who hangs out in front of our building starts every conversation with "I'm not gonna hurt you." Our new neighborhood is so much safer!


ChicagoLA said...

How about the one living on the 3rd floor of my building....the one whose door the FBI knocked down. That's fun.

LTNA said...

Don't make fun of our dad.

Anonymous said...


[I didn't know if a comment of just me laughing was worthy of, uh, a comment. But what do you know, it is!!]

-- Rick