31 October 2005

Putting a Price on Enlightenment

Finally we know how much it costs to become an OT Level VII, like Tom Cruise, who is easily the most famous and successful of the Scientolorati-- which obvious-fucking-ly has everything to do with the fact that he is the "church's" biggest donor. At their annual three-day gala, Cruise received the Diamond Meritorious Award for donating around $3.6 million since clearing his first thetan some 15 years ago. The haterade flowed freely from the other church members, despite their facade of approval via standing ovation:

"Scientologists are used to shelling out, since handing over cash is a key part of the Hubbard doctrine. [...] Other members of the cult have been less content about paying up, complaining that they have been milked of thousands of pounds."

All of a sudden, paying to have friends the old fashioned way-- you know, the Greek system, seems a lot more warm and wholesome. At least with them you're allowed to get drunk and do rails off the back of a toilet seat in the Nine-O.

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