10 October 2005

Boy George, the Roman Polanski of Cokeheads

Boy George flew the coop after police found an 8-ball of blow in his New York pad. What sucks even worse for Georgie is that he called the police himself, as he thought someone was breaking into his house. Upon arrival, the police's search unveiled the nose candy. Unfortunately, George was stupid enough to go with the classic but extremely lame "But Officer, it's not even mine" defense, yet was smart enough to get out of the country at once and headed back to London as soon as he posted bail. He should give "Cocaine Kate" a call so they can commiserate over their partying woes.

And if anyone is surprised by the Karma Chamelion's coke use-- alleged, of course, we direct the confused to his picture above. Consider this an open invitation to anyone who can provide a feasible explanation (outside of massive amounts of charlie all day, every day for the last twenty years), that would justify Boy George's fashion choices. Come on. We dare you.


Briz said...

The reason why Boy looks like that is because he is really into Leigh Bowery, and is emulating his style.
(As well as bumping rails fer sure)
My Kung fu is master!

LTNA said...

Well, as long as we agree on the bumping rails factor!