24 October 2005

Drunken Lizard

It's Monday, so we're gonna get this going with some good news that's also easy to summarize. We apologize in advance if this post is lacking in the usual sarcasm, as we haven't had our second mug of tea, yet.

It looks like Jay Chandrasekhar and the rest of the Broken Lizard troupe will have the chance to redeem themselves of the travesty that was The Dukes of Hazzard. The group has written a new movie called Beerfest which is slated to begin shooting in January, with Jay directing, as usual. We were in as soon as we heard the first half of the title, but we'll indulge you if you need a little more info.

Evidently, the script involves two brothers who stumble upon a secret sect of drinking games while at Oktoberfest in Germania, "described as Fight Club with beer games." Then a bunch of other stuff happens, wherein we can assume there will be the customary wackiness. While we doubt the group will be able to surpass the hilarity delivered in Super Troopers (as proven by Club Dread), we feel that's to be expected when the bar is set so high from the very beginning. For now, we're content enough that the first new project being covered in the trades today isn't a sequel to White Chicks. Then again, it is only Monday.

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