17 October 2005

Tricks, Treats, Bumped

So, we've gotten three(!) votes on which Halloween costume we ought to go with this year. This comes as quite a surprise, because until installing a site meter recently, we'd estimated LTNA's average readership at roughly zero to one third the number of voters (mom doesn't read every day). Guess we'll have to retire the running joke of there being just one of you out there, but it's a small price to pay to know you guys are reading LTNA. Thanks to everyone who's reading, and for the feedback in the comments section!

However, weed and alcohol commitments prevented us from getting the costume together this weekend after all, so we've bumped the topic to the top of the page, and the polls will remain open until Thursday. If there are more of you out there (and evidently, there are), don't be shy. Go ahead and vote for the worst idea, so we can get our costume components this week. For real this time. We'll probably bump the post once more Wednesday as one last reminder, and then close voting Thursday night. You can vote under the original post or under any of the bumps, as we'll be checking all comment sections periodically. This Halloween is going to be awesome!

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