13 October 2005

Hooray! More Poorly-Conceived Sequels!

Much like the fabled fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise comes talk of not one, but two ill-advised Sylvester Stallone sequels. He is almost 60, after all. There's just something depressing about the once mighty Demolition Man sipping a can of Ensure. It's oddly more dignified when we picture it with a twisty straw.

Nevertheless, Stallone is already producing yet another Rambo film to add to the lot; further, they're also nearly greenlit on a script for a sixth Rocky movie. The rumor is Stallone is already training for the role, and is lined up to star and direct. We believe the working titles are Rambo IV: Aaaaaaargh! My Hip! and Rocky VI: Nobody Cares Anymore, respectively. Perhaps the likelihood of a heart attack or some other terrible injury will get the projects some free publicity. And if, by some cruel twist of fate, these two revivals that no one really wanted don't make it to the silver screen (or fail miserably once there), Sly can always fall back on his pudding empire.


Anonymous said...

"Aaaaaaargh! My Hip!" Heehee... You slay me. Made my day.

LTNA said...

If I were the type to use emoticons, I'd put a smiley face here-- maybe even a winkey smiley face. But I'm not, so you'll have to use your imagination, Anonymous.

london cokehead said...

Umm !! , geriatric boxing ... Always a winner in my book ??