28 October 2005

Feign Surprise... Nnnnnnnnnnnnnow!

George Takei, better known as "Mr. Sulu" to you Trekkie losers, reveals that he is gay in the current issue of Frontiers, a biweekly [sic] here in Los Angeles. We are quite sure this comes as news to no one, except people who have no fucking idea who Mr. Sulu is. If that's you, take a good look at the picture on the left. Yeah. Total cocksmoker.

Quite frankly, we only became aware of Takei through his appearances on Howard Stern and through Stern's frequent manipulations of audio snippets from Takei's autobiography on tape, or "audiobiography," as we like to call it. There's nothing like hearing Takei's velvety baritone yet tersely effeminate voice say things like "the Mexican boy had a large wang" and "hot wet bitches love my throbbing balloon knot." But, we digress. The point is, Takei is gay. Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be singing The Sulu Dance under our breath, hoping our boss doesn't notice.

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Marcia said...

I was very interested in this story because I work with George's brother on a regular basis, and the brother ahd NEVER EVEN HINTED to this fact. Probably because it was obvious to all from the first time he raised his eyebrows back in the Lt. Sulu days.