12 October 2005

Things with More Appeal.10

It's time for the ritualistic hocking of someone else's talent that is known as Things with More Appeal. Can you believe this one makes ten? It feels like just yesterday we were telling you to go watch obscure 80s films for the very first time. Then again, we probably were doing that just yesterday. But, hanging out on the corner of Santa Monica and Virgil wearing our homemade Corey Haim Institute of Dramatic Arts t-shirt [ed. note: CHIDA does not exist. The shirt, however, does.], while detailing the intricate plot points of The Lost Boys to anyone who will listen just doesn't give us the validation TWMA does. Onward!

Howard Stern is one of the most recognizable names in showbiz, and easily the most successful disc jockey of all time. We have been regular listeners of his morning show, as well as casual viewers of his now defunct E! show, for more than eight years. (If you need this put in perspective, eight years is well over a third of our lifetime.) What we're saying is, he's been in this business and has managed to stay relevant and entertaining for longer than we've been alive. That's, ah, that's pretty good.

However, you may or may not already know that Howard is going to Sirius Satellite Radio in January 2005. Hell, for the $500 million over five years deal they gave him, we'd move to the fucking star. This means that if you weren't hip to Howard before now, you only have two and a half more months to do it for free (mornings on 97.1 FM in Hell Ay). Believe us when we say there is a lot more to the show than midget hermaphrodite pornstars, okay? They have the Robospanker, too.

In all Siriusness (sorry), we don't know what our weekday mornings would have been like without Howard, Robin, Baba Booey, Fred and Jackie Artie over the last several years. Not a day goes by when a derelict crackhead sitting next to us on public transportation doesn't look at us like we're crazy for laughing out loud at something one one them has said. The Howard Stern Show is as sharp as ever-- sharp enough for us to resign ourselves to start paying for it in 2006, even. And you should know by now we don't like to spend a ton of dough on anything.

They say the best things in life are free, but so is the clap, and that doesn't sound like much fun to us. So whether or not you decide to give Howard a shot now when he's still gratis, we have to say we think that if you do, you may realize he'll be well worth the sacrifice of two beers per month starting in January. And to convince even an alcoholic cheapskate like us of that shows that, after all these years, Howard still has as much appeal as ever.


Big Ben said...

I will miss Howard. I don't think that sirious will even be available in Canada in 10 weeks. My favourite are the prank phone calls with celebrities taped voices.

I will also miss "Young Wet Bitches"

LTNA said...

And can we ever forget "balloon knot"?