18 October 2005

Paris Hilton Won't Go Away

The story of the praying mantis and her skeleton friend lives on. No, we're not talking about Aesop's Fables. Rather, we're referring to recent statements by Paris Hilton confirming that The Simple Life will be returning after all, contrary to Fox's cancellation of the series/ the dissolution of Paris and Nicole's friendship. They're supposedly going to being filming November 1, and Paris says "all the networks are fighting over it.” Like, we're so sure.

Considering that Fox jumped ship once they realized the girls' refusal to appear on camera together presented a teeny little snag in the logistics and dynamic of the series, it'll be interesting to see what NBC or UPN tries to do with it. (We figure it'll be one of these two networks because NBC is desperate enough to take Fox's sloppy seconds if it'll get big ratings, and UPN never really had standards to begin with.) Perhaps Paris will come to her senses and realize that she better get over herself, since Nicole is the only one of the pair who is even remotely clever and amusing on camera.

If we were some network bigwig, we'd sked a lunch between our team and Nic's and offer her her own show, especially since she no longer needs Paris by her side to be "the hot one." It could be called "I Didn't Even Need a Sex Tape to Get Famous, Just a Haircut and a Coke Problem."

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