18 October 2005

Kirsten Drunkst

Page Six is saying Kirsten Dunst is a surly, "pushy" drunk. Evidently, she showed up at the premiere of Elizabethtown doing what some "pals" mistook for her impression of Tara Reid. Dunst "drank a lot" and was "disheveled." Okay, okay. We'll stop with the one to two word quotations before this starts looking like a Zagat's review.

Oh, were you curious about our picture above? Well, we searched for a picture of Ms. Dunst, and this is what came up. We can't be held responsible if Google interprets an image search with the terms "Kirsten Dunst" as a call for an artist's sketch of a bra-less goblin with horrible posture wearing a dress. Nor can we be held responsible if perhaps this was no fault of artificial intelligence and instead was what we typed (involuntarily, natch), upon picturing Kirsten in our mind's eye. We think it's a pretty good likeness, actually.

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