04 October 2005

Things with More Appeal.9

We were tempted to post about the rumor that Paris Hilton is already back on the slut wagon, and is supposedly dating Mary Kate Olsen's ex-- who, by the way, is also a Greek shipping heir billionaire. But, we figure this was pretty much a given, and as we only have a half-day here today, we figured we should just cut to the chase. (Even us Gentiles can reap the benefits of Rosh Hashanah... unless you work at Carl's Jr. or anywhere other than the extremely Semite-friendly Hollywood.) So here is the 9th installment of LTNA's very own Things with More Appeal.

First off, we want to clarify that this week's Thing is not-- repeat, IS NOT Gary Busey. That guy freaks us out, and he should freak you out too. This week's thing is a rather useful website, that we were introduced to some five years ago. It's called Erowid. Basically, what this website is is a database of useful information on plants and drugs, legal or otherwise, that are known to be used for... erm... recreation. The reason Erowid is awesome is it's so filled with information that if "your friend" is considering experimenting with a particular drug, it will allow you-- that is, your friend, to be armed with the type of information one would want to have to make an educated decision about said drug. Yes, whether you're a budding screenwriter doing a bit of research or a fucking junky, Erowid can probably teach you a a thing or two.

So let's say you're thinking of trying PCP. You could cruise on over to Erowid, click through to their section on PCP, and you would probably run into a gallery of several pictures of our friend Gary Busey, up there. [ed. note: We haven't actually tried this, but it's probably a safe assumption that this is what's featured on the site. At least, that's what we'd do if we ran it.] Therefore, with the aid of this very informative site, you would be able to make a sound decision not to do a drug like PCP. That is, unless you really like the idea of ending up like Mr. Busey. He seems pretty okay with it, at least.

Further, for those ignorant of the differences between say, a PCP/Peyote/candy flip combo (or as Busey, Eddie Furlong and others of their ilk would call it, "Thursday"), and a pretty harmless "drug" like marijuana, Erowid would make it abundantly clear that weed is not what's causing anyone to run over 7-year-olds at Burger King drive-thrus, as some anti-drug commercials would suggest. At the very least you could form really new and specific prejudices against various kinds of drug-addicts (we find meth-heads positively dreadful). Who doesn't want new groups to hate? It has something for everyone! Ultimately, Erowid is all around a very well-made resource on a very taboo subject. And, we just happen to find that very appealing.

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