21 October 2005

Just in Time for the Holidays

[ed. note: Not that anyone cares, but this will likely be the only post we'll have the chance to make today. It seems like just yesterday we were mocking how little we do at our day job each day. Today, however, we are so busy that we're writing this post during our precious lunch hour-- the coveted time of day where we get to sit outside and do nothing, instead of sit at our desks and do nothing. And we're doing it for you. All three of you.]

We know what we want for Kwanzaa this year: a Tom DeLay mugshot mug. We can't wait to sip that first cup of green tea (two teabags, no sugar, please), with Tom's inappropriately gleeful countenance encouraging us to "hang in there." DeLay is, perhaps, the proverbial kitten hanging from the branch for the new millennium. What can we say? We have a soft spot for extremely timely novelty items for which we have no practical need or use-- unless you consider cheekiness a need and/or useful. (And we do.) So don't "DeLay"! Get yours now!

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