19 October 2005

Things with More Appeal.11

That's right. Beer. We realize the extreme disparity between the level of appeal of this blog and the level of appeal of beer. However, we believe that the appeal of beer supersedes the appeal of pretty much anything else in existence so much, that it nullified any reluctance we had in implying a comparison. God, we fucking love beer.

But, what we really live for is good beer. Make no mistake, we've been known to imbibe the odd case of Durango or Schlitz on a Monday night. We did go to college, after all. And, a case race is a case race, even if you're the only one playing. That's what dad always said. So, in pretty much any situation, if there's beer to drink-- PBR or PGD, we'll do it. Just be forewarned that we'll probably complain about the shittiness of the beer for the first two or three cans, until we're buzzed enough to stop noticing our taste buds.

Fat Tire, on the other hand, is of the of the class of beers not available in cans. You know, the beers that come in actual bottles. Fat Tire makes the nectar of the gods taste like Trader Joe's Vodka of the Gods. (That's bad.) It is easily one of our top three beers of all time. (That's really good.) We'll leave the verbose descriptions of it's "toasty malt flavors" to the brewery, if you're into reading about that sort of thing to experience a new beer. Personally, we're more into, you know, drinking it.

FT is made by the New Belgium Brewery, located in Colorado. (Up yours, Coors!) Unfortunately, the glory that is Fat Tire Amber Ale isn't available year-round in SoCal. But luckily, you can get it right now, in some of the finer liquor stores-- you know, the ones that don't actually say "liquor" on the outside, and instead say something like "Whole Foods." We've been enjoying "the Tire," as we like to call it, since July when it first started resurfacing for it's limited tenure. Trust us when we say that you ought to do the same, before it vanishes from shelves. And after all this talk, as our day nears its end, the idea of an enchilada with a cold Fat Tire for dinner sounds extremely appealing.


ChicagoLA said...

Hello! Haven't been on in a while, but saw this and thought I'd tell you that the lovely place that is Bev Mo, also has Fat Tire. Yummmm.

LTNA said...

Oh, I know of the glory that is BevMo, m'lady! I've cleaned them out of their stock of Fat Tire more than once. Drunnnnk.