19 October 2005

Put the Money in a Paper Bag! And Some Dockers!

This just made us smile, so we decided to share. Some dude was caught burglarizing a home in the nude, when the homeowner came in in the middle of the, erm, burgling. But wait, it gets funnier! He screwed himself when he delayed his escape by asking the homeowner for some shorts, and then proceeded to rob the house next door (still wearing the loaned shorts), thus affording onlookers a chance to call the five-O. We had a whole arsenal of awful puns we were going to use here, centering around phrases like "family jewels" and "stick up," but we'll spare you, just this once.

Ignoring the reason(s) this guy thought it wise to rob someone's house naked, we have to say we haven't seen such unbridled enthusiasm like this since the days of the Hamburglar. Or Chip the Hound, of Cookie Crisp fame. If these three were to combine their efforts, the possibilities would be endless. Someone call Fox! We just thought of the perfect replacement for The Simple Life!

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