19 October 2005

Even God Thinks MTV Sucks

You were probably as relieved as we were when MTV triumphed over Katrina in August, when she threatened to force them to cancel their Video Music Awards. After all, we love our video music as much as the next guy. Thusly, we find it imperative that attention be paid to the Diddys and Ashlee Simpsons of the world, through statues crafted as poorly as their video music.

However, it appears Mother Nature seriously no longer wants her MTV. Hurricane Wilma has forced the network to postpone, and possibly cancel, their Latin Video Music Awards show, scheduled to shoot in Mexico. It's pretty cool that even the elements are conspiring to ruin MTV's efforts to stay relevant. We only wish that the cancellation didn't occur for an event that no one was going to watch in the first place. We'll keep our fingers crossed for there to be a tsunami localized entirely in the TRL studio in Times Square, before the hurricane season ends.

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