31 October 2005

Kate Moss Moving Closer to the Good Shit

Kate Moss is moving from her native London to kick it over here with us Yanks. It seems the recent events-- you know, the whole "Cocaine Kate" scandal and all that, have her so shaken up she feels the need to just get away from it all and have a fresh start.

If we were in her position, we wouldn't be moving anywhere north of L.A. or Miami. In fact, we'd probably just move to Colombia or Nicaragua in the name of "getting back to humanity" and out of the spotlight. Currently, Kate's looking at places in New York. At least she's not moving anywhere that would jeopardize her gak access too badly. Maybe her time in rehab in Arizona fostered a robust meth habit, and she's at a point where she actually likes her blow cut with plenty of crank. In that case, New York is perfect. They don't call it "the city that never sleeps," because it's cute.

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