14 October 2005

iPity the Fool Who Reuses Shitty Puns

This isn't really all that interesting. But, our morning perusal of headlines has shown that not much else in today's news is all that interesting, either. So here we are, then.

MTV bought iFilm for $49 million, thus expanding their video library, advertising revenue potential, etc. Whatever. The rich get richer. This probably also means that iFilm will no longer be limited by their oppressive name, and just like their new Mommy, they'll be able to cast off the shackles obliging them to actually provide filmmaker and movie-related content.

Ages ago, when we wanted our MTV, we didn't want a channel that showed music videos. We really wanted a haven for delightful shows like Rich Girls, PoweR Girls and Laguna Beach. Everybody knows that. Like some guy once said "What's in a name?" Hopefully, under the new regime, iFilm will do away with all this "film" nonsense and become a puppet venue for MTV's self-promotion. At least, one can dream.

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