20 October 2005

NBC Too Shitty Even to Be Acknowledged in List of "Worst TV"

Fox claimed 6 out of 10 spots in the Parents' Television Council's most offensive shows this season, which means... THEY WON! Let's hear it for Fox! Hip hip-- (This is where you say "hooray!")

We were a bit confused when we first read the article, as it cited The War at Home as the number one worst show on TV, which we agreed with wholeheartedly. Then, we realized by "worst shows" they meant "worst shows if you have a stick up your ass and no sense of humor as a consequence of the aforementioned stick." And while The War at Home really is probably the worst show on TV right now in the classical sense of bad TV, most of the others from Fox on the list are some of our favorite network shows: Arrested Development ranked 9th, while Family Guy and American Dad ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively. That 70s Show, which was funny for about five minutes six years ago, placed 8th.

After hearing the PTC's list of offensive TV, we think we've found a new resource for figuring out which shows are "Must See TV," now that NBC has fucked it up. Of course, we haven't watched anything on NBC (except Conan, obviousfuckingly) since Seinfeld ended, so we're not entirely sure why we went with that reference. Where were we? Oh yes. In conclusion, the day we wake up to discover we've grown balls on our chin is the same day we'll start watching Joey.

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