26 October 2005

Things with More Appeal.12

Honestly, we sort of forgot that we're supposed to do this whole bit, as it is Wednesday and all. But when we remembered that we receive no tangible benefits from keeping up this shoddy excuse for a blog, we stopped feeling bad about it posthaste. Now, we present to you our half-assed twelfth installment of Things with More Appeal.

This week's Thing is the Clerks animated series, an extremely short-lived spinoff of Kevin Smith's cult classic film (God, we feel sullied by Hollywood every time we say phrases like "cult classic"). There were just six episodes of this show that made it to completion, and only two or three of them made it to air on ABC, if memory serves. However, we were one of the four people who actually watched it and were extremely disappointed when the show was cancelled. The other three, FYI, were Kevin Smith, Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson. We assume Jason Mewes was too stoned to notice.

However, when the entire series (still, just those six episodes) was released on DVD shortly after, we were pretty stoked. So, if you have a chance, check it out. The sense of humor in the series is different from the movie, but that's not a qualitative statement by any means. In particular, we recommend Episode 4. The series is responsible for a solid 15% of the obscure references we make, so that's saying something. Something good, we hope. Even though the show existed long ago, during the days of Two Guys, a Girl and No One Watched It Because the Show Sucked, we still find it very appealing.

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