25 October 2005

A Rant

The Sky Report has film of Fred Phelps delighting in the London bombings, as well as the recent onslaught of natural disasters. FYI, Phelps is perhaps the most controversial Christian leader in America, and set up a Baptist church in Kansas with about 150 parishioners. We don't really think getting film of this is that shocking, as Phelps probably would've volunteered to appear. Nevertheless, here's a snippet of his insight on the London attacks:

"Oh I am so thankful that happened. My only regret is that they didn't kill about million of them. England deserves that kind of punishment, as does this country [America]."

In addition to the posters pictured, "AIDS Cures Fags" is another choice slogan of Phelps and his followers. At least they seem to hate all groups equally. In terms of whom they offend, they really have not left anyone out. Truly impressive.

We're always kind of amazed when we read about people like Phelps and his congregation-- not because of the scientifically proven phenomenon of hateful retards finding each other and forming groups. We learned about that in high school physics. What surprises us is that the hateful retards have the cognitive skills to make signs with correct spelling and even websites, in some cases. What's also shocking is that people like Fred Phelps and Daniel Carver still exist in two-thousand-fucking-five! One would think that, by now, the kind of people who still use the word "mulatto" with no trace of irony would be in a museum. Or a zoo. In any case, certainly not out and about in society. (Then again, calling the South "society" is a bit of a stretch.)

The rest of us, at least, can take solace in knowing that we have evolved. We're sophisticated enough to know it's only okay to make racist comments in the company of our own kind, particularly when discussing how another group can't drive for shit, or when sharing an anecdote about going to an unfamiliar, "ethnic" neighborhood, or when talking about how retarded people from the South are on your semi-anonymous blue state-based blog. No, we don't have to like "those people," but we certainly don't talk about it in public. That's why it's called "tolerance." Will those Southerners ever learn?

(A: No.)

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