10 August 2005

"Things with More Appeal" Gets Its Cherry Popped

Here at LTNA, we've decided to institute a regular posting of stuff we like, that we would like to share with our darling reader. This is the first official edition of LTNA's "Things with More Appeal." Consider it a recommendation of some comedian, book, movie, album or show that we thought might be worth it for you to check it out. This weekly ballyhoo will not be confined to things that are "timely," or "popular," or "well made," or "socially acceptable." When we're especially ambitious, we may even post not just one, but two things we like!

At this point, we should also point out that when naming this blog, one consideration was "Ill Advised," but Blogger was quick to point out the name was already taken by some pretentious ass-bandit (we're not bitter, or anything). So, we guess you can take our suggestions of coolshitwithwhichyoumayormaynotbefamiliar with a grain of salt.

Anywho, the first thing we like, and hope you will like too, is a flick called The Monster Squad. This is an overlooked film from 1987, which we loved then, as much as now. It's freakin' sweet. Basically, it's The Goonies with Frankenstein replacing Sloth. Also, there's a German guy. If you like 80s movies (and who doesn't? Fascists, that's who), you'll wish you had the pleasure of seeing this movie years ago. What it lacks in Coreys, it makes up for in coked-up werewolves. You cannot purchase this movie on DVD yet, much to our chagrin, but you can probably scrounge a used copy of it on VHS from Amazon or eBay. While you're there searching for a movie on fucking tape, you might also want to see if they have any deals where it comes with a free time machine.

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