13 September 2005

Astrodomers Get Star Treatment*

Leave it to Hollywood to remain self-serving, even in charity. Refugees from Hurricane Katrina who are staying at the Astrodome needn't worry about the fact that they've lost family members and possibly everything they own, have no place to live and have only food that has been donated to eat. Forget all that stuff-- it's incidental, and certainly secondary to the devastating lack of Star magazines for the survivors in this time of crisis.

But, fret not! The publishers of Star are donating copies of the zine to the Hurricane victims, out of the goodness of their hearts. Between this and the free screening of The Man lined up, we must admit we're kind of jealous of the lucky folks staying at the Chateau Astrodome! After we'd lost nearly everything, it would be of utmost importance to us to know exactly how thin Nicole Richie has gotten, above all else. *Sigh* This kind of shameless self promotion generosity just makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

[*You probably think you hate that pun more that we hate ourselves for making it, but you're wrong about that. Very, very wrong.]

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