14 September 2005

Things with More Appeal.6

It's Wednesday, sweetest. That, of course, means it's time for our one and only semi-dependable weekly posting of some Thing that we would like to pass along to you. And after referencing a certain flick twice in our last post, this week's Thing seemed inevitable-- a natural outgrowth of our own lack of imagination and malaise. Hackers, starring Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Jesse Bradford and (*shudder*) Matthew Lillard, truly does have a special place in our heart. Even Marc Anthony, the original pioneer of the "AIDS Patient Chic" look, has a small part in it. Although, that's not really a draw, is it? Hmm...

Moving on. The movie is about this group of high school kids who are computer geenyusses. After Joey (Bradford) inadvertently "hacks the Gibson," shit really hits the fan for our creatively-dressed heroes, and things start to get juicy. We'd explain further what "hacking the Gibson" means, but we don't want to give too much away. Also, we don't feel like it.

What really matters now is not the plot. You just need to know this movie is awesome, and particularly amusing to watch now, in the days of wireless internet and Google-equipped cyborgs (really! We saw one on the bus yesterday!). There's one scene that has been rendered unintentionally hilarious by the passage of time, wherein Dade (Miller) is drooling over Kate's (Jolie's) new laptop, which resembles a telephone book, while she brags casually about its 28.8 bps modem.

But, we digress. Watch the fucking thing. It has something for the laydees (Miller) and someting for the fellas (Jolie), and centers around a subculture in early 90s New York that never actually existed (trust us-- we were there), so that's always fun. Come on over and we'll have a private screening. We'll make Rice Krispies treats! (Note: By "make Rice Krispies treats," we really mean "slather our genitals in Fluff." But, you already knew that after last week, huh? Also, did you get our mix-tape? The third song on side A is so our song now!)


Anonymous said...

"That's my high school!"
-- exclaimed loudly by me in a crowded movie theater, while watching Hackers during the summer of '95.

There's no pool on the roof.

Teresa said...

I was just sounding off on what an essential film "Hackers" was to my teenage development. They need to release a special edition ASAP!
And man did I think Jesse Bradford was hot, now he's just dirty lookin' with too much body hair. Oh, how they've changed.