27 September 2005

One of These Things IS the Other

We'll be the first to admit this is getting kind of tiresome, but we can't resist a Google Newsism like this one. Not only have they taught us that R. Kelly and P. Shiddy are one and the same, but now they've revealed that Kate Moss and Pam Anderson are also the same person!

After so many shockers of this calibur, Google News really ought to hijack the slogan "Google News: Can you handle their truth?" Considering that after learning of this news we've been rocking ourselves in the fetal position for the last twenty minutes while we wait for the hypervenitalting to subside (while typing this post simulataneously-- we're good at multitasking that way), we have to say "No Google News! We cannot handle your truth!" A "daily snack" you are indeed, Google!

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