09 September 2005

But, Does Madge Drink the "Protein Shake"?

Guy Ritchie is totally whipped. While he would like to hit the pub with friends at least three nights a week, Madonna doesn't let him get shitfaced more than twice a week. We know! What a bitch!

Oddly enough, Ritchie seemed rather matter-of-fact about this whole dynamic, saying "he often has to eat 'humble pie' to please his pop star wife - but claims that is the secret of their successful marriage."

Right-o. So, are we right to assume "humble pie" a euphemism for "Madonna's beaver"? At first, we thought this interpretation was a result of our own pervy leanings, but then the article continues with a direct quotation from Guy saying "Ultimately it boils down to the same thing all relationships boil down to - eating humble pie."

Mmhmm. So remember fellas, if you want the relationship to last, be sure you always order the fish taco, with a side of bow-chicka-wow-wow.

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