21 September 2005

Uh, This Is Starting to Freak Us Out a Bit

Google, search engine, cum email service, cum earth atlas, cum IM service, cum blog search engine, cum all over our keyboard because Google is so freaking amazing, can now add archaeologist to its list of hyphenates. It turns out that some nerd was looking at some Google Earth satellite images and discovered some ancient remains in Rome. That's fucking crazy, in case you didn't realize.

The nearly daily reports of some crazy shit Google has accomplished are causing us to speculate on what else Google might accomplish in the near future. Like, maybe Google Earth will be the one to find those WMDs that no one else seemed to be able to find. Or Atlantis/ anything else less politically polarizing. Or, better still, our one true love!

Oh, who are we kidding? Our one true love is Google, Inc.! Nothing comforts us bloggy sorts like the cold, steely embrace of faceless artificial intelligence. We're just old fashioned that way.

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