06 September 2005

SNL Won't Be Asking Kanye to Host Any Time Soon

If you didn't already know, things got pretty ballnutz at NBC's Katrina telethon on Friday. Mike Myers and Kanye West went on camera to read some bullshit off the teleprompter during the live broadcast, but Kanye unexpectedly kept it real and things went totally wrong-- at least, as far as NBC is concerned. Kanye was visibly upset, and went off the script, calling Bush out for "not car[ing] about black people." NBC cut the whole incident from the West Coast re-broadcast. You can see Mike Myers freaking out, which is really amusing; but, the best part is when they cutaway to Chris Tucker, who is totally unprepared. Awesome.

In any case, if you haven't donated any money yet, fuckin' do it. Don't be a douche. One dollar is better than nothing at all. Okay, we'll dismount from our high horse, now.

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