16 September 2005

Kate: Go Fuck Yourself, Planet Earth

With yesterday came the "breaking" news that Kate Moss loves yayo. So, one would think, today would bring the ritual issuing of denials by publicists, lawyers and perhaps Kate herself.

Instead, what we have today is Kate's dad saying he's "not surprised" at this news at all. Follow that up with Kate's statement: "I don't want to know. Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off! Just fuck off," and you have what is perhaps the most ballsy reaction to being caught dancing with the white lady ever. Suddenly, Kate Moss is sort of cool, you know? Sort of punk rock. She gets caught on video doing some rails, and responds with "Whatever! I do what I want!" This inspires us so much, we're sort of overcome.

Quick! Someone call Ray Ray! Then, get a hooker's ass and the Hi-8. Let's fucking party!

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