08 September 2005


This is pretty shocking. Honest. Defamer-- you know, the good blog, is reporting that E! is already saying it's last call for Taradise, f/k/a Wild On Tara. We really are surprised by this, as "vapid drunk slut with a passport and camera crew" seems to be as good a pitch for a show as anything else currently airing on the network. Maybe E! is just making a preemptive strike against going bankrupt-- they foolishly agreed to pay for all of Tara's drinks in her contract. (We've never claimed to be above lame jokes like that one.) Poor Tara. Nothing ever seems to go her way.

Admittedly, we watched the premiere episode... and no others after that. Hey, we're busy sloppin' around and having our own tits fall out to watch someone else do it during prime time, or "gin o'clock," as we call it. Chin up, Tar. We just know you have plenty of bad career decisions ahead of you.

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