06 September 2005


We can't resist reporting misfortunes that have befallen people we hate, even when the news is semi-old. Here is a perfect example:

Sean "LTNA Refuses to Call Me 'Diddy'" Combs was dropped on his face, after he attempted and failed a stage-dive at a nightclub in Ibiza. We thought this was great enough, but to top the story off, after failing to catch him, no one helped him up. He scurried back to the stage and tried to pretend nothing had happened.

This lack of enthusiasm on the part of his own fans is so hilarious, it almost makes us forgive those people for being fans of Puffy in the first place. But, not quite. Because they still went to his show, and payed money to do so. Letting Puff Daddy eat shit on a stage dive is a lot like using Paris Hilton's "book" to wipe your ass. Sure, it's poetic and all, but you still bought the book.

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london cokehead said...

Ha !! doughnut .. I saw a similar thing once ...
Stage diver post