13 September 2005

Colin Farrell Gets Wasted Again

Colin Farrell is fast on his way to the annals of celebrity fuck-ups, filled with tales of Anne Heche and Margot Kidder. Page Six is reporting that he was spotted stumbling alongside a road in Palm Beach, apparently trying to hitchhike. A female and her male companion picked him up, and he was beyond smattered. After taking him back to his hotel, he invited them up to his room. The two squares declined, politely.

In truth, this sounds like a typical Wednesday night for us, but we're not famous celebrities, so that's what makes our "one step away from rock-bottom" lifestyle so awesome. At least, that's what our friends say. Except they don't say it's "so awesome." Instead, they usually say "so pathetic and disturbing. You need to get help."

What were we talking about? Oh yeah. So, in conclusion, Colin Farrell knows how to fucking party.

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