26 September 2005

So, You're Saying Support Local Growers?

Border police have intercepted more than ten tons of Iraqi buds in the past year, which were part of a smuggling operation which finances Al Qaida operatives in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Ten tons, man. Considering this doesn't even include what didn't make it to the evidence room, you know those border police have to be high as fuck! After all, they're reporting weed has overtaken alcohol and other illegal drugs as the contraband of choice for smuggling. Apparently, LTNA has something in common with Al Qaida.

Of course, this presents a fabulous opportunity for all of us to support the War on Terrorism: buy American. It's nothing but Humboldt County buds for us, from now until we defeat these evil terrorist organizations. In fact, we're going to buy an O, instead of the mere half we'd planned to pick up today. That's right. That's just the kind of patriotism we have. We will toke the bong of democracy, and blow the smoke from those glorious American buds in the face of terror, sitting on our couch of liberty. Let freedom ring!

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