14 September 2005

Google Does Something Else

It seems like every frigging week Google unveils the latest step in their plan for global indexation (yes, "indexation" is a word, we've just decided). This week, they've launched a beta version of a blog search engine, which indexes "every site that publishes a Web feed." That means they're not limited to Blogger blogs, or any other blog services, for that matter. We're not 100% sure what the implications of this are, but we know it's a big deal. Because Google is doing it. And Google is all about getting some stank on his hang-low, know'm sayin'?

Between this and their recent announcement of their plan to destroy all information that they can't index, we figure we should be living like the Jetsons post-haste. Seriously, it's two-thousand-freaking-five, and we don't even have rocket packs yet. WHERE ARE THE FUCKING ROCKET PACKS?!


teresa said...

That's right! Where the hell are those packs? Along with free nuclear energy. I'm so sick of getting raped at the gas pump.

LTNA said...

Yeah, yeah. You know you kind of like it.