07 September 2005

Quasi-German Arnold Not Down with Sausage!

California's State Assembly passed a bill on Tuesday to legalize gay marriage. But, Gov. Schwarzenegger has already pretty much said that he's just going to veto the whole thing, "'cause that shit's gay." (Okay, that's not actually a real quotation, but it might as well be.)

We assume that Arnold's stance on this is only to uphold his manly, Republican image to his puppeteers in Sacramento. Obviously, those people haven't seen Junior. Further, they seem to be neglecting the fact that most gay men did not spend the greater part of the 80s nuts-to-butts with Lou Ferrigno, whereas the same cannot be said of our fine Governor. But, whatever. Let us straight people remain singlehandedly responsible for the 63% of marriages ending in divorce. (Okay, that's not actually a researched statistic, but it might as well be.)

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