30 September 2005

We Usually Just Resort to Punching the Bartender in the Face

Ze Germans have invented a beer coaster that lets the bartender know when your glass is empty. When your glass dips below a certain weight, it transmits via radio signal to the bar that your table just finished a round of waterfall and you're in need of some refill action in order to keep playing King's Cup. Pretty sweet, eh? This should cut down significantly on the number of guys resorting to the traditional "'Nother round, toots" followed by a playful slap on the ass to the beer wench on staff, when they're in need of a fresh, cold brew to slake their thirst.

Quite an innovation, this is. Is there anything those Germans can't do? Well, aside from getting everyone to forget about the whole WW II/ Holocaust thing... But, is there anything other than that they can't do? We say, nein!

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