27 September 2005

Dorkwad/ Google-Related News Round-up

In the spirit of Defamer, the Mt. Olympus of L.A. bloggers (and as far as we're concerned, bloggers anywhere else), we thought it necessary to do our very first "round-up." However, unlike Defamer, we felt the need to do a round-up on all the interesting sci/tech news, albeit extremely nerdy, that we've come across today-- as opposed to say, a TomKat round-up, which is infinitely more appealing. If you're surprised by this decision, see the title of this blog.

-Google-- you know, that thing we were just talking about? Well, it's his birthdaaaaaaay! Yes, Google turns 7 today. They grow up so fast, don't they? ...........punch and pie.

-Google is launching a more advanced media player, which allows users to watch video without having to download any pesky software. They're cross-promoting this new media player with one of the funnier shows to grace network primetime in a long time, by allowing users to watch the series premiere of Everybody Hates Chris without commercials, through Thursday of this week. Do it, if you haven't watched it already. It's pretty funny.

-Google has also scoffed at Yahoo's previous reports about having more, um, girth to their index than Google. Google retorted "It don't matter how big yo' index is if you don't even know how to use it. Yahoo is a bitch ass trick. I been pimpin' since before pimpin' was pimp. That ho just mad 'cause I gave his momma that mushroom tattoo." Yes, that is a direct quotation from Google.

-The one non-Google centered bit of news: Nokia has come out with their answer to Motorola's (fucking disappointing) Rokr, by unveiling their version of a music phone. The Rokr holds 100 songs. Nokia's new 3250 holds 750 songs, has a camera and gives you oral while feeding you peeled grapes (once you set it to Caligula Mode). It's pretty clear here which of these is the David Dinkens of the music phone competish.

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