30 September 2005

Why Is It Always China?

Another day, another bizarre bit of news originating from China. Remember SARS? The significantly less adorable precursor to Monkeypox? Well, now that no one cares about it any more, they think they've discovered that horseshoe bats, which are used in Chinese medicine and cooking (this should come as no surprise), were the original carriers of the disease and the scienticians have speculated on how it may have been passed to humans. The key was discovering a SARS coronavirus in the bats, which is a SARS-like virus that the bats can carry themselves without becoming ill-- although, we would have paid to see bats wearing tiny face masks around. Precious!


Anonymous said...

I looooove chinese food.

It's sooooooo good. But, I can't eat it, cause then I'll probably get some fatal hemorrhagic fever and die within 2 days. But it's soooooooo good.


-- Rick

LTNA said...

That page is no longer available. Thanks for mutton. Now I have to go on wondering what the link was. Curiosity is a cruel mistress.

Anonymous said...

The link is broken into two parts, so copy and paste the first line, and then the second.


LTNA said...

This shit is gross.