02 September 2005

Famous People Are Narcissists

Because it's Labor Day weekend and we've already completely checked out, we decided our first (and potentially only, depending on how quickly Mario gets here with that sixer of Code Red) post today would be something easy. Naturally, that leaves Courtney Love and monkeys-- which are eerily similar. Or, as a third standby, all things Brangelina. Here goes.

The divorced couple has left a five foot photo of them together on their wedding day, lying on the floor of their abandoned Beverly Hills mansion. Evidently, the news that neither one of them would want to keep this oversized shrine to their failed union is quite breaking, in the eyes of the AP. What's more breaking to us is that anyone would want such a tacky monument in their home, in the first place. Forget "immortalizing the love" and all that crap. A five foot photo in your house of yourself is out of control. Hell, a five foot photo of anything is out of control-- except the one we have of Corey Haim. That shit really ties the room together.

Also, Jennifer Aniston is set to "tell all" (again) to Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview, while the rest of the world pretends to not to be bored of this whole saga by now.

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